Favorites —– March/April/ Half of May

Loooong post ahead. So grab a cup of coffee/tea/smoothie/milkshake whatever you prefer and enjoy the ride! Decided to try something new I will be posting ‘favs of the month’ which could be anything from music to food. This is very late but I am doing it anyway, had most of these in my drafts since […]

Life Antidotes

So I have this book “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again: Essays and Arguments” which I haven’t read yet. My Goodreads profile will tell you that I am 7 books behind on my 2013 reading challenge so there are many books on my to-read list.

18 Ways To Be A Better Best Friend

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
1. Ask yourself what you’ve done for them lately. Are you the kind of friend who generously lends their time and care or the kind of friend who only asks friendship from others, never truly reciprocating the effort? 2. Get better at communicating your needs. No one likes a passive-aggressive…