Favourites – The Music Edition

Civil Wars Album – The Civil Wars (the whole thing)

Dust to Dust- The Civil Wars

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Just a quick update, things have been busy but everything’s cooled down now. So back to schedule starting sometime next week. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Pretty song to tide you over…

I Need Feedback!


Anyway I had this unoriginal idea that every week I would form a 100 word extremely short story from 6 different books. So it could be a phrase or a couple of sentences from this book. I would link them all together to form a short story. Good idea…bad idea? Also, things I could do to make it better? More original?
Any kind of feedback would be great! Meaning feel free to comment or like the post. Thank you, I really appreciate it. Also if anyone could suggest titles for this exercise that would be great!

Romantic Encounters and Before Sunrise

A Review 18 Years Too Late
Just got into the “Before” series and I know…i know …how? Well my excuse is I am still young and my background did not let me.
This post is a spoiler galore for anyone who has not watched Before Sunrise.

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Making the Ordinary Extraordinary in Literature

PicMonkey Collage

Long time no blog!
I am working on being a better blogger, new month new me!
I preach about consistency, engagement etc. and do none of the above so I am definitely working on that.

For my Goodreads reading challenge, I pledged to read 30 books this year, which might seem so little for some people and it looked like so little to me at the time; it has proven difficult. I am nine books behind schedule and have probably read only seven books this year, which is a bit embarrassing for me. With school, work and a whole bunch of personal drama I did not have any motivation to read during the winter so I decided summer was the month for it even though I have been busy this summer. Things have slowed down now, that is why I would be concentrating on blogging among other things.

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Favorites —– March/April/ Half of May

Loooong post ahead. So grab a cup of coffee/tea/smoothie/milkshake whatever you prefer and enjoy the ride!
Decided to try something new I will be posting ‘favs of the month’ which could be anything from music to food.
This is very late but I am doing it anyway, had most of these in my drafts since the beginning of April so I decided it was time.

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