A Tale of Not Getting What You Want

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This blog post is really an excuse to vent.
Anyway something unpleasant happened to me. I was kind of expecting it to be that way but seeing it was still very disappointing.
So I would give a scenario: Let’s say you were thrust into a new environment with new people and you were doing things you had no experience doing. So, because of this you need direction and in other to do a good job you ask a lot of questions. I thought asking questions was a good thing? I mean would you rather I screw everything up and not ask about anything or ask and do it right? I have found out that asking questions is not a good thing because it did not do me any good in the end. It is just really frustrating putting a lot of effort into something and getting bla results. Bear in mind that was no formal training and the “informal training” if you can even call it that was incomplete.
You know what I have noticed it’s always the people who appear nice on the outside that screw you over. Nice professors, nice TAs, nice supervisors at work. Yup not had a good experience with all of these people.

Basically this was an excuse to rant so I could feel better about this crappy situation. I have resolved to put in more effort and try to do better. But I wonder what difference that would make because it will be over in 3 weeks.

My question to you guys which no one would probably answer is how do you deal with disappointing crappy situations? I would really appreciate the feedback though.


2 thoughts on “A Tale of Not Getting What You Want

  1. Write a rant blog, personally give all involved parties what-for and then leave the shitty situation.

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