I Need Feedback!

Anyway I had this unoriginal idea that every week I would form a 100 word extremely short story from 6 different books. So it could be a phrase or a couple of sentences from this book. I would link them all together to form a short story. Good idea…bad idea? Also, things I could do […]

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary in Literature

Long time no blog! I am working on being a better blogger, new month new me! I preach about consistency, engagement etc. and do none of the above so I am definitely working on that. For my Goodreads reading challenge, I pledged to read 30 books this year, which might seem so little for some […]

Favorites —– March/April/ Half of May

Loooong post ahead. So grab a cup of coffee/tea/smoothie/milkshake whatever you prefer and enjoy the ride! Decided to try something new I will be posting ‘favs of the month’ which could be anything from music to food. This is very late but I am doing it anyway, had most of these in my drafts since […]

Life Antidotes

So I have this book “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again: Essays and Arguments” which I haven’t read yet. My Goodreads profile will tell you that I am 7 books behind on my 2013 reading challenge so there are many books on my to-read list.


Image Reading Michelle Orange’s book This is Running for Your Life . I found out about the book through Slate’s Culture Gabfest podcast. It was recommended by David Haglund. That particular podcast is very interesting. If you click that link and the topics interest you then by all means listen.