18 Ways To Be A Better Best Friend

I read this sometime this week a.k.a when it was posted and it made me think so I decided to reblog it. Read, enjoy, dissect etc.
What are you doing to make your friendships better?

Thought Catalog

1. Ask yourself what you’ve done for them lately. Are you the kind of friend who generously lends their time and care or the kind of friend who only asks friendship from others, never truly reciprocating the effort?

2. Get better at communicating your needs. No one likes a passive-aggressive friend. If you have a problem or a concern, take the time you need to reflect on it and then voice it. Your angry silence helps no one.

3. Be there. Friends can get really good at disappearing on each other, as we learn to take peoples’ presence for granted. We feel like they are always going to be around. Maybe that’s the case, and it’s good to know that your friends will be there no matter what. However, it’s hard to be someone’s friend if you never commit to that relationship.

4. Find out something about them you never…

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