Life Antidotes

So I have this book “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again: Essays and Arguments” which I haven’t read yet. My Goodreads profile will tell you that I am 7 books behind on my 2013 reading challenge so there are many books on my to-read list.

Life Antidotes
Moving on, I saw this video today and it inspired me to get away from my self-imposed rut.
Watch the video before or after you read this but whatever you do watch the video.The video is based on David Foster Wallace’s commencement address to a graduating class way back when. What he says in the video is very much relevant today. The video basically is an antidote to some of life’s grievances in my opinion.

My immediate thought when I was first watched the video was “So this is what I have to look forward to”. If anyone bothered to read the tagline on this blog you will notice that I am still a college student and like Wallace mentions I have not experienced what he calls and what we all call “day in and day out”. Everything is coming together and the dots are connecting in my head. Just yesterday we had someone from the Career Centre come to speak to us during our seminar. She said that we as college students were in a structure, obviously. A structure that provided for us and told us what was expected from us. When we graduate which is pretty soon, there is no structure. The rug will be pulled from under us and we have to face real life. What I really love about the video/speech is that Wallace discusses aspects of the “adult life” adults usually gloss over. They fail to talk about the boredom, tedium and the constant daily routine which will probably remain the same forever. Ok probably not but it will still happen. I would like to believe that I have realistic expectations of the real world and that the reality of the work force is you might not get what you want at least not immediately. Some people do but I will rather have all my bases covered than ensuing disappointment.

Anyway Wallace explains how we should deal with this mundane lifestyle where “everything becomes meaningless”. He basically tells us to be decent human beings, be empathetic. You do not know what others are going through. I realized that thinking that someone might be going through some difficulty is better than thinking they are an asshole, you won’t get angry and you will be in a better frame of mind. Rather than get angry or pissed off or frustrated try to do what Wallace suggests. If anyone tries this tell me how it works for you. Still a student I’m not exactly the best candidate for this right now.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and Happy Mother’s day to all fabulous moms!


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