The Individual is Dead.


Who are you?

How did I get a topic to write for today? Random Word Generator.

I decided I wanted this to be spontaneous. So, I wrote this on a whim. Actually I write all my posts on a whim.

Thus, I present to you the topic of today…. *drumroll please*


When I saw that, I let out a chuckle at how ironic it was. That word has bothered me greatly for several reasons, all of which I probably will not discuss.

The word REAL is one I have heard more times than I care to remember especially this year.
Real. Relatable. Authentic.

I mean what is real and what is not?
How are we as humans supreme judges of this said notions?
How are we in a position to judge who is a ‘carrier’ of authenticity and who is not?

I have read a lot of essays and articles on this topic and I do not remember them all. As a result of this, I am sure as I write my brain is picking up ideas from each one of them.

In one of my classes, we have broached this topic quite a bit. We argued that we live in a culture that is self-promotional, one in which we are constantly trying to prove ourselves. We are always finding ways to outsmart the other so we can show that we are a better ‘fit’ or demonstrate our uniqueness.

There is also the idea of different selves. We act in different ways to different people depending on the situation. The way you act with your family members is not the way you act with your co-worker or classmates.

So, if we all have different selves and we make an effort to act in a certain way to different people, are we real? Are all these parts a composite of our ‘self’?

The individual as an entity is invalid…the individual as the end product of heredity and environment is incomplete. Individualism is dead.
-Harry Gamboa, Jr., 1987

That is a pretty bold statement. One I am not sure I agree with.

Then I think, of course most people will not willingly admit that this statement is true. I am mostly speaking for myself when I say this but I believe we all think that we are unique and we have our distinct personalities that make us different from most people.

If there is no individual, does authenticity exist? Is there realness?

Once again I ask what is real and what is not?

Who are you really?

Is knowing the answer to that even important?

If you have an answer to any one of these questions, post them!


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