The Vagina Monologues


Today, i will be writing about The Vagina Monologues.

Beware, I mention the word vagina a lot in this text so if that makes you ‘squicky’ stop now.

I warned you.

Yesterday I saw the Vagina Monologues performed by students at my university. I had heard of the Vagina Monologues prior to making the decision to watch the play but I wasn’t exactly sure what it entailed. I knew it happened every year but I didn’t why. So, when I saw the posters for the “play” I knew I had to finally see what the fuss was about.

The show was great overall. I mean some monologues were not as funny as others were and some stories were not as poignant as others but generally the cast did a great job. I also wished I had been given a dollar every time I heard the word “vagina”. It was pretty amusing and I feel very desensitized to the word now. While writing that, I remembered my thought process while buying the tickets for the show. On my way there, I told my friends it would feel so awkward saying “I want to get the tickets for the ‘Vagina’ Monologues” and I felt awkward when I did say it but that’s the point isn’t it? I mean if you watch the show you understand that society has tried to repress this word for lack of a better term. You know the saying “Girls are seen not heard”? Well, vaginas are not even seen much less heard. I mean we see vaginas but seeing them is supposed to be done in private. Like one of the monologues says,

You know it’s just like the cellar. You can hear the pipes, things get caught there from time to time. Little animals and things. It gets wet, people come, they plug up the leaks otherwise the door stays closed, you forget about it.

I think that explains it accurately.

Another important thing the producers mentioned at the beginning and end of the show was the #1billionrising movement which I had never had of (I am ashamed, trust me!). It is a great cause and anyone who reads this should check it out!

Something funny also happened during the show, the father of the young woman doing the “A Woman Who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy” monologue sat beside me. If you have seen the show you know why that is pretty hilarious!

And if you haven’t, watch the video below to get an idea! I think the performance I watched was much better though :p


Have a great week beautiful people!



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