Generation Jobless

Last week I watched this documentary called Generation Jobless which in a nutshell says people who like me (college students), after we graduate from college are in a hopeless lose-lose situation. Then today I read this, How to Succeed in Journalism when You Can’t Afford an Internship which says the same thing except it is more specific and tackles Journalism. I do not want to be a journalist so you might say this does not concern me, but what the author talks about can be applied to most professions today. People tell me all the same things. “Get an Internship” “Volunteer!”, it would look great on your resume!! The documentary tells me this is all BS and these graduates hope that their internships, volunteering will eventually land them real jobs but all you do this wait for this supposed big “break” that never happens. These graduates do not get the jobs they want so the apply to graduate schools thinking that if they have more education more salary/opportunities right? No.
Employers do not want to employ someone who will obviously demand more money because they have better education so we are back in the same merry-go-round train.
Nothing happens.

All of these has me thinking because this is my future, so I wonder what will happen to me regarding my career prospects. Am I doomed? Is the documentary just over exaggerating everything? is the situation really that hopeless? Are my friends and I just in this endless cycle of doom?

Only time will tell.


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