Haim. Haim. Haim.

How I discovered Haim is a funny little story. Sometime not long ago or very long ago, I don’t remember when but I signed up to get Teen Vogue newsletters in my emails. So one day I decided to actually read one because I never read newsletters ever. I saw a topic with the title, “songs for the winter blues” or something like that and I said to myself “I should check this out”. The songs were on Spotify and people who live in Canada cannot view Spotify (very annoying), anyway I could use Spotify for some reason because I was in England at some point according to Spotify. I have never set foot in England in all my 19 short years on this earth. As luck will have it the Teen Vogue playlist worked and I discovered a lot of cool bands and artistes like Icona Pop (how late to the party am I??) Free energy, Lord Huron, Pacific air, Wild Cub and of course Haim! Thus, my love for Haim began.

I first listened to their song Don’t Save Me and I was hooked. They released their new single Falling and I am falling literally. It has been on repeat for the past few days.

Now, a little Haim history courtesy of Wikipedia. The band has three sisters (very cool right??!) Este, Danielle and Alana. Girl bands such as TLC and Destiny’s Child heavily influence them. That sold me. Haim my soul is yours to keep!


Jenny Lewis.

They released an EP in July called Forever and they are releasing a new one in April called Falling. Get both. They are awesome. If you love great vocals, great drum and guitar work, futuristic pop, Haim is for you. They are also working on their debut album. I cannot wait to see what wonderful work these awesome ladies produce.


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