The Stepford Wives


I first watched The Stepford Wives years ago when I was younger but I did not remember much of it. I remembered the general theme, the women were robots. Recently I decided to re-watch it and I realized it was brilliant. I looked at its ratings on rotten tomatoes and critics panned it but I thought the ending was brilliant. The film touches on social themes and situations still relevant to society today, though it does so superficially. It only scratches the surface; the film does not dig deep. I thought it was great Glenn Close’s character was the mastermind behind the whole Stepford wives phenomenon. Her character was crazy, but she was brilliant because she orchestrated the whole thing. She wanted something; a perfect life and she tried to create it, which I applaud. I just thought the power play in the film was very interesting because the men thought they were in charge and Mike the robot was the leader but Claire (Glenn Close) controlled them all. I think it was a nice little twist. It was also a great bonus seeing Nicole Kidman. I love watching Nicole Kidman on the screen for some reason despite her sometimes bad movie choices. I am looking forward to seeing Grace of Monaco (2014) and I am sure she will be brilliant.


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